Attend Europe's no.1 Behavioural Design Academy to master the latest know-how in behavioural design, and to learn an easy-to-apply method to influence minds and shape behaviour of clients, employees, citizens or yourself.

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Learn to influence minds and change behaviour

Do you want to learn how you can influence choices and shape behaviour? But need this knowledge to be practical so you can start using it right away to boost the success of your business, products, policies or ideas?

Upcoming courses

Fundamentals open editie
2 & 3 September 2021, 09.00 - 17.00hrs
Enrollment Open

Behavioural Design Fundamentals

Two day Fundamentals Course in Amsterdam & 6 months of Continuous Learning
Only 10 seats left
Investment 1990,- 1490,-
10 September 2021 9.00 - 15.00hrs
Enrollment Open

Masterclass How to Make Sustainability Simple

One day masterclass
Only 10 seats left
Investment 899,- 699,-
Advanced open edition
13/09, 27/09, 4/10, 18/10 & 25/10 09.00 - 17.00hrs
Enrollment Open

Behavioural Design Advanced Course

Advanced Course September & October 2021
Only 6 seats left
Investment 3790,- 3490,-

What kind of training are you looking for?

We have courses for individuals and custom-made programs for teams & organisations.

Design thinking

I want to train

Want to master the fundamental theory, the mindset, and method to reach your business or personal goals by being able to influence decisions and shape behaviour using Behavioural Design?

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I want to train
my team or company

Want your teams to master the fundamental theory, the mindset, and method to reach business goals by learning how to influence decisions and shape behaviour while working on an actual company case?

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Behavioural Design is all about designing choice. Understanding how people make decisions and how to shape their behaviour is the missing layer to turn your goals, products, services, business or policies into a success.

“The best part of the BDA? Everything. Every insight, model or knowledge is useful for everybody and every group. B2B, B2C, online, offline and I forget to mention the great location, hosts, and other activities.”

Jasper Wouterse
Digital Strategist – Dallas Antwerp

“The Behavioural Design Academy is very interesting & helps companies give structure/ a good method to create and test new ideas/ start campaigns and products. I definitely use these methods in my daily work.””

Veronique Bos
Communication specialist Centraal Beheer Achmea

For who are the in-company programs the best fit?

For organisations & teams. These master classes are a perfect match for you if you want your teams:

  • To master the how of becoming truly customer-centric
  • To learn a shared method and language
  • To increase the success rate of your strategic business goals
  • To show more creative, innovative, agile behaviour
  • To make your marketing or consumer journey more persuasive
  • To master the fundamental theory and acquire practical skills
  • Get training, but also coaching and internalisation of the skills
  • To learn by doing, solving an actual business case
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For who are the open edition courses the best fit?

For individuals or <8 people. The open edition course is perfect for you if you want:

  • To influence people’s choices or behaviour
  • Master the essential theory of behavioural psychology
  • Learn a practical method also to apply this know-how in daily life
  • Increase the success rate of your personal and work goals
  • Get training in a mix of fellow forward minded professionals
  • Get training, but also follow-up training to internalise the skills
  • Learn by doing, solving an actual case during the two days
  • To join the master class alone or with fewer than 8 people
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