Want to turn customer-centric into a success story?

In this practical one-day workshop, your team will get an introduction to the essential insights from behavioural psychology to understand the minds and change the behaviour of your target groups.


Overview of our in-company training

Behavioural Design Workshop

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For who is this workhop?

Do you want your team to learn how to influence minds and shape behaviour predictably? Do you want them to get more control over successful outcomes of their goals or projects? Some essential know-how of behavioural science is often the missing layer to do so. This SUE | Behavioural Design Workshop is a fascinating introduction into the world of Behavioural Design.

What do you get?

Your team are introduced to the fundamental concepts of behavioural psychology, but they will also learn how to put them into practice right away. The workshop is tailormade, so your team(s) will work on their own case. Your teams will get easy-to-use tools so they can start applying the new know-how right away after the workshop. They are learning by doing.

What is the investment?

Our one-day in-company workshop is a one-time investment of 7.999,- excluding VAT. Up to 12 people can join the workshop. The budget includes preparation, a full-day workshop, customisation to a real organisation or project challenge and all course materials and tools.

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Maybe you recognise this?

  • Do you need your teams to be genuinely customer-centric but you don’t know how?
  • Do you want to help your team(s) increase their impact and success ratios by introducing them to insights from the science of influence?
  • Do you want to understand which forces stand between the current and the desired behaviour of your target group?
  • And would like to know exactly why they will or will not do or choose to embrace what you offer or propose?
  • Are you curious to learn how you can get your target group move into action,  to break through barriers or how to design for excitement?
  • Are you looking for new opportunities for influence that can potentially have a high ROI?
  • Do you want to master techniques from behavioural economics that will shape choices and behaviour?

Understand behaviour. Be successful.

The SUE | Behavioural Design Method™

In the workshop we highlight a part from our SUE | Behavioural Design Method©: in which
we powered up the design thinking process with the science of influence.

Two options for the one-day workshop:

Do you want to learn how your target group (unconsciously) comes to decisions?

Learn to understand the unconscious decision process of your target group(s). Why do people do what they do and what are the often irrational and unconscious forces that hold them into undesired behaviour or push them to the desired behaviour? How do you unlock these forces and most of all: How can you optimise your products, services and marketing by revealing those hidden forces? We work with the SUE | Influence Framework™.

Do you want to learn how to develop ideas that will shape choices and behaviour?

Learn how to create smarter ideas that change people’s behaviour and shape their decision by using techniques from behavioural science. In this workshop, your team will be introduced to the SWAC model and to proven persuasion principles that will help them to come to influential ideas quickly. Perfect for teams who already have know-how about behavioural psychology but want to learn how to apply theory into practice effectively and easily.

“It was so great to see how theory and examples came together in a practical, usable model. I have rapidly gained insight into the essential principles, and I have learned how to apply these in practice (and by the way also in our team projects).”

Ingrid Vrieling
Project Manager Tempo Team

“Through a personal approach, you will gain insight into the decision-making process of humans (instead of clients). The theory genuinely comes to live by the real-life examples and by the case you are be working on.”

Jurriaan Rang
CEO Felix Werkt

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Do you wish to learn more about the in-company workshop? Or are you looking for a different set-up? All training should be adding value to your daily work practice. That’s why all our in-company training is tailor-made. Book a no-strings-attached ‘Sixty minutes with SUE’, so we can together look for the perfect training match for your organisation or team.

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This is all included in the workshop:


We will have a 30-45 minute phone call to define the workshop case together. Which behaviour do you wish to influence? This could be employee, client or citizen behaviour. This way we make sure that your team will start applying the know-how right away on a real organisation- or project challenge.


An interactive, customised workshop from 9.00 – 17.00hrs that is accessible up to 12 people. We switch theory with exercises, in which we work on applying the new know-how on your challenge. This combined learning increases the success ratio of internalising the newly acquired theory and tools


All participants receive the workshop slides in PDF. BONUS: all participants will receive a set of cheat cards to help them apply Behavioural Design in their daily work.


The workshop can take place at your location or the SUE training facilities. The latter is designed to get your teams into a flow of learning and get them disconnected from to-dos.


At the SUE location, coffee and tea is inclusive. At SUE, we can provide for breakfast, lunch and snacks — all freshly made and vegetarian. Please enquire for the possibilities. When you choose to have the workshop on your location, catering is not included.


Every participant will receive a certificate of recognition of having participated in a Behavioural Design masterclass.

“This workshop makes you realise that there is so much unused potential within your organisation. You just need the BDA methodology to unlock it.”

Pieter Meijer
CEO – Pervorm

“The SUE | Behavioural Design masterclasses give you the latest insights into persuasive marketing. Thanks to practical models, you can get into action right away. Really useful and absolutely worth the time and investment.”

Lissy Kenema
Lead Marketing Manager Rabobank


It is not about knowledge transfer, it is about 'mastery'

Our goal is not only to introduce your team(s) to new know-how, we foremost want to make sure that they are set on their way to 'mastery'. Our ultimate goal is that every participant, in the end, can apply Behavioural Design in practice by themselves. This workshop is a fascinating introduction, and possible follow-up is the (in-company) Fundamentals Course or a tailor-made in-company training program.

By booking a Behavioural Design workshop, you will take a first important step to introduce your team(s) with Behavioural Design, or more comfortable put the art of predictably influencing choices and behaviour by applying behavioural science. Your team(s) will learn the crucial insights from behavioural economics, but foremost we will make these very practical. We teach them how to make theory work for them in daily practice. If there’s is excitement for the subject, then you have landed a perfect foundation to sign up for the Fundamentals Course in which the SUE | Behavioural Design Method™ as a whole will be taught.

You are in good company!

The last few years we have had the privilege to train CEOs, marketing directors, consultants, account managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, (UX) designers, policy makers, health care professionals, product owners, creatives, managing directors, financial consultants, copywriters, business owners and many more.

By mastering the SUE | Behavioural Design Method they have:

  • Built meaningful relationships with clients
  • Boosted sales and conversion rates
  • Optimised their consumer journeys
  • Developed successful innovations or product introductions
  • Made teams more creative, agile and human-centred
  • Unlocked strong behavioural insights and new opportunities
  • Made their communication and marketing more persuasive
  • Installed a strong company culture with good habits
  • Got policies or organisational change embraced
Please make sure to check out their reviews

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Sportcity/Fit For Free hired us to shape their new value proposition and train and coach their staff and leadership to redesign the customer experience from marketing to the gym. The human-centric team at Randstad trains, inspires and helps the business to innovate. Their team had an electrifying deep-dive with SUE to become radically human centric. We’ve trained ABN AMRO, Marktplaats, KPN, iChoosr, ING, Rabobank, Postcode Loterij, Happiness Brussels, Ebay, Iglo and many more. But their needs are not your needs. Book a ‘Sixty minutes with SUE’ and we’ll discuss how we can set-up the perfect training for your organisation.

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Did you know we're an official educational institution? We're accredited by both NIMA and the CRKBO based on our curriculum, our method of teaching and our general conditions

Organisations that we've already trained:

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