SUE works for organisations around the globe to design better products, policies and organisations using behavioural science.

Texting while driving

Prevent people from looking at their smartphone while driving

  • Product: Behavioural Design Sprint + Ideation Sprint
  • Project: Value Proposition Design, Service Design + Prototyping interventions
  • Domain: Public Domain / Government
  • Remarkable fact: Prototypes developed in co-creation with kids.
heineken sprint

Achieve Zero Waste during festivals and concerts

  • Product: Ideation Sprint
  • Project: Innovation project to re-think the waste flow in Festivals
  • Domain: Consumer Goods / Entertainment
  • Remarkable Fact: This sprint generated experiments in 5 markets.

Help people to build up a workout habit

  • Products: In-company training, Ideation Sprints
  • Projects: Product Design, Service Design, Branding, UX and CRM
  • Domain: Health and Fitness
  • Remarkable Fact: Sportcity/Fit4Free saw a spectacular improvement in the effectiveness of their campaign and conversion strategy.
Sportcity Logo
“SUE  helped us to put a deep understanding of the psychology of our customers at the heart of everything we do”. Sabine Kloos, CEO NIBS Holding
Unhcr Australia

Engage Australian Female Leaders to support Refugee Women

  • Product: Behavioural Design Sprint + Ideation Sprint
  • Project: Design of new fundraising product for the Australian market
  • Domain: NGO/Fundraising
  • Remarkable Fact: We designed multiple propositions and prototyped, tested and improved them using feedback of Austalian female business leaders.

Prevent healthcare professionals from quitting their job

  • Products: Behavioural Design Springt + In-company Training
  • Projects: Retain talent + Transform culture
  • Domain: Public Domain / Healthcare
  • Remarkable Fact: We are involved in a long term process to help the organisation  put the healthcare worker first in everything they do.
Beweging 3.0
Roche Venue

Transform the way we work into a culture of collaboration

  • Product: In-company Behavioural Design Academy
  • Project: Upskilling training / Team Development
  • Domain: Health & Life Sciences
  • Remarkable Fact: Roche HQ in Switzerland has by far the most amazing training venue ever.
ABN AMRO Hypotheken

Get mortgage owners to act upon their debts, to avoid getting into problems

  • Product: Behavioural Design sprint
  • Project: Customer Activation Strategy
  • Domain: Finance and Insurance
  • Remarkable Fact: Our client reported a huge uplift in the number of people that took the necessary steps to get grip on their mortgage debt.
ABN Amro
Friesland Campina Sprint

Make people fall in love with the joy of milk again

  • Product: Ideation Sprint
  • Project: Value Proposition Design / Framing strategy
  • Domain: Food and Beverage
  • Remarkable Fact: In only three days we prototyped and tested more than 20 value propositions and learned about the psychological booster and barriers related to the consumption of milk.
FrieslandCampina Logo
Rutte 2017

Beat extremism and populism in The Netherlands
and win the election

  • Product: Consultancy, training
  • Project: Campaing Strategy of the elections 2017 and beyond
  • Domain: Political Campaigning, Public Domain
  • Remarkable Fact: Our selfies by the Prime Minister at election night: priceless.
“I can’t talk about this stuff, otherwise I have to kill you :-)”, Bas Erling, Head of Strategy Dutch Liberal Party VVD
Board of Innovation

Activate people in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia to get vaccines.

  • Product: Behavioural Designer in Residence, Behavioural Research
  • Project: A big innovation project for a Big Pharma client
  • Domain: Innovation, Healthcare and Life Science
  • Remarkable Fact: This unexpected collobaration between two independent consultancies begs for more.
Board of innovation
Fod Sociale Zekerheid

Make Social Security more human-centric

  • Product: Behavioural Design Sprint + Training
  • Project: Transformation to a more customer-centric government
  • Domain: Government
  • Remarkable Fact: One of the big insights is that we often don’t realise what the levels of stress “clients” of the Social Security Department experience in every interaction with the government.
Belgium Federal Government
Swinckels Family Brewers

Re-think the brand proposition of the Bavaria 0.0% beer brand

  • Product: Ideation Sprint
  • Project: Innovation Strategy for the 0.0% beer category
  • Domain: Food and Beverage
  • Remarkable Fact: We had the privilege of having the legendary Swinckels Family Brewers themselves to participate in this sprint.
Swinckels Family Brewers
Centraal Beheer Klushulp

Insurance 2.0 - How to become a radical customer-centric insurance company?

  • Products: Behavioural Design Sprints + Consultancy + Training
  • Projects:  Mission 2020: transformation to a customer centric company
  • Domain: Banking and Insurance
  • Remarkable Fact: The “Klushulp” proposition that we prototyped and finetuned in this sprint, became a massive success in The Netherlands.

Increase Customer Engagement on the ECG platfroms, using the Psychology of Trade

  • Product: In-company training program Behavioural Design
  • Project: A Behavioural Design training program in seven markets as part of the Psychology of Trade University
  • Domain: Tech
  • Remarkable Fact: To fullfill the mission of augmenting teams with Behavioural Science capabilities we trained global teams with sessions in Amsterdam, Berlin and Sydney.

Design a smooth traveler journey at Rotterdam Airport during the renovation

  • Product: Ideation sprint
  • Project: A short Ideation sprint coming up with ideas based on behavioural psychology to improve the passenger journey that we immediately turned into prototypes.
  • Domain: Travel & Transportation
  • Remarkable Fact: We worked on the airport location when one of the biggest storms ever travelled across The Netherlands. All flights were cancelled but we worked on. We were a storm in a storm.
Medtronic Guardian Connect

Design a value proposition and customer-acquisition strategy for Guardian Connect

  • Product: Behavioural Design Sprint + Ideation sprint
  • Project: Develop a customer acquisition strategy for the Guardian Connect
  • Domain: Health and Life Science, Tech
  • Remarkable Fact: We discovered in our research that a bug turned out to be a feature.

Increase flu vaccination among health care employees.

  • Product: Ideation Sprint + Implementation
  • Project: Rethink how doubts about vaccination are addressed
  • Domain: Health Care
  • Remarkable Fact: Vaccination increased up to threefold in participating organisations.