Gain a deep understanding of the psychological forces that shape behaviour.

Don’t miss out on any opportunitiy anymore by truly grasping human decision-making and knowing how to translate this into smarter marketing.

Interviewing female leaders in Australia for UNHCR.

Our Influence Framework™ is being used by international organisations such as

The SUE | Influence Framework™

SUE | Infliuence Framework™

By using the SUE | Influence Framework™ we turn psychological intelligence into actionable insights.

Research is as good as its power to set things in motion. How can you make sure you do the right things faster than the competition? Behavioural Research adds the layer of behavioural psychology on top of traditional insights. Giving you far more control over successful outcomes by truly understanding how people come to decisions and what they will genuinely act upon. We are in the business of behaviour not intentions.

understanding the decision-making process
optimising customer journeys
behavioural persona mapping

unlocking growth boosters
driving customer experience
finding psychological entry points

doing the right things faster
revealing genuine human needs
unlocking new opportunities first

Maybe you recognise this

  • Your team does gather insights, but you need them to understand how to collect insights that unlock action instead of intention.
  • Your research and ideation are separate processes slowing down progress and losing valuable insights over time.
  • You do research, but it is not based on deep human understanding of irrational human decision-making.
  • You do have research but you need research that helps your team(s) progress quicker and in the right direction.
  • You need to understand how you can boost growth by a more profound understanding why people do or don’t do things.
  • You want more control over successful outcomes but are missing the layer of behavioural psychology in your insights.
  • You want to grasp the inner workings of your target group, revealing what they will do and not just what they say they will.
  • You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to do the right thing faster than the competition.
  • You have research, but it is not based on a creative method that helps you translate these into smarter ideas right away.
  • You need your teams to work together towards the same goal and need insights that truly put things in motion.
  • You are looking for opportunities for behavioural change to get more grip on in which direction to steer innovation.

With Behavioural Research you do not only find the right entry points to your target group but you foremost unlock how to shape their decisions and behaviour.

How we can help you

We can help you add psychological intelligence to your projects in several ways.

Behavioural Persona Research

Get a structural, behavioural mapping of each of your target groups: What are behavioural boosters and what are behavioural bottlenecks? What are pains that may get people into action? Which anxieties and comforts block choices and behaviour even when people know they are better for them? And foremost, which strategy is required to get them to change their decisions and behaviour?

Customer Journey Mapping

Gain profound insight into the human behind your client or target group. Grasp the psychological forces that influence their decision-making in each step of your customer journey and know when and how to do interventions to create better results. This research will reveal you have potentially far more opportunities to have desired impact.

Experience Research

How do your clients or relations experience your products, brand or marketing? Where are you missing out on opportunities to take away bottlenecks and frictions? Where can you add boosters that will better connect your brand or offer to the needs and drivers of irrational humans? We will both observe and interview your target group and unlock where you can add psychological value to your brand experience.


Team Behaviour Research

What are the unconscious forces within your organisation that get the best and worst out of people? What are habits or beliefs that block change? Where can we unlock hidden incentives? How can you find opportunities for behavioural interventions that tranforms teams to high-performance teams?

Customer Insight Scan

Do you want to get an in-depth insight into the psychological forces at the play of one specific target group? In a 5-day sprint, we will unlock all, often unconscious, forces that prevent your target group from making decisions or acting in the way you would like them to. But we will also reveal what can potentially boost desired behaviour. Whether you need more behavioural insights into your employees, b-t-c clients, b-t-b relations, givers or other stakeholders, the scan will give you a clear view of how to make an impact.

Behavioural Design Sprint

Tackle the number one frustration of research: gaining insights that do not translate into working ideas that will predictably set things in motion. In a Behavioural Design Sprint one dedicated team does the behavioural analysis, translates these into working strategies and ideas using behavioural science, and test-proofs them at your actual target group. No more kinks in the value chain. Moving from insight to ideation, to validation in one smooth ride backed by behavioural science.

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Some of our cases

The SUE | Influence Framework™ generated breakthrough insights into wicked problems in markets, organisations and the public domain.

How to involve executives more in the talent acquisition process?

Health & Lifestyle
How to help diabetics to stick to their insuline habit?

How to nudge customers to use digital service instead of calling?

Food & Beverage
How to re-position a 0% dairy brand?

How to get people to stop using their smartphone in traffic?

How to get mothers in emerging markets to participate in dengue vaccination?

How to get people to join a debt release program?

Human Resources
How to increase employee well-being and retain staff in health care?

Organisation Change
How to get teams to transform to customer-centric?

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